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The most remarkable thing about Dog Sweat is its very existence…







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Hossein Keshavarz’s debut feature, DOG SWEAT, was released to critical acclaim in 2011. NPR called it “astonishingly gutsy” and The New York Times said the film was “engaging, exalted by the particulars of its birth.”

Maryam Ataei completed her MFA in Theater from Tehran Art University. She wrote and produced the Independent Spirit Award nominee, DOG SWEAT and was an associate producer for the Sundance Audience Award winner, CIRCUMSTANCE.

The lives of six rebellious youngster intertwine in present day Iran. Nominated for an Independent Spirit Award. Winner of Jury Award at the Rome International Film Festival. "Using the subversive urgency of cinema verite, the lives of six youngsters intertwine in present day Iran. Misunderstood by their families and oppressed...
Associate Producer. Assistant Editor. An Iranian teenager enters a lesbian relationship, while her brother becomes dangerously obsessed with Islamic fundamentalism. Sundance Film Festival - Audience Award Winner for Best Narrative Feature. A wealthy Iranian family struggles to contain a teenager's growing sexual rebellion and her brother's dangerous obsession. "Circumstance" begins as...
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On November 21, 2011 Melissa Block on NPR talks with director Hossein Keshavarz about his new film, Dog Sweat. It...
“Dog Sweat” is a fictional film about young people fighting to be free in Iran. We shot the film in...
Two parallel scenes exemplify the difference between Hossein Keshavarz's Dog Sweat and sister Maryam Keshavarz's Circumstance, both of which are...
Earnest and terse, Dog Sweat is a movie that feels like it was made by the skin of its teeth,...